Clinic Information

                                                                                                                             Residents(1x-wk) / (2x-wk)               Non-Residents(1x-wk)/2x-wk)


Red/Orange (Monday & Wednesday 5pm to 6pm)                                                      $17/30                                     $20/35

Orange/green (Monday & Wednesday 5pm to 6pm)                                                   $17/30                                     $20/35 

Green/Yellow (Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm to 7pm, Saturday 9:30 to 11am)       $25/45/$65                            $30/55/$80

Privates                                                                                                                                 $50                                          $55

Semi-Privates                                                                                                                       $55                                          $65


Drop-In Adult Clinics                                                                                                            $15                                          $20



This class is designed for the beginner to beginner intermediate player. It is an introduction to very basic fundamentals:

- Proper grips

- Forehand/Backhand Ground Stroke techniques

- Forehand/Backhand Volley techniques

- Overheads

- Toss and Serve

- Play games designed for fun and competition in individual/team settings

- Learn basic scoring


This class is designed for the beginner advanced to intermediate player. Players are versed in the fundamentals and are now adding progressions to their practices, including:

- Rallying

- Foot movement/flow

- Placement

- Patterns

- Grip mastery

- Heavier physical activity

- Spins


This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced player. Players are now rallying on a full court and have basic fundamentals mastered and are now learning about mental concepts, physically working very hard, and playing tournaments. Their practices are demanding. Some of the concepts this group is learning include:

- Styles of play

- Different strategies

- Specialty shots

- Point play

- Tactics

- Fine tuning techniques

- Consistency

- Power

Private Lessons

Individual Lessons - This type of training is designed to craft proper mechanics and strokes and to teach you how to HIT the ball. If you are in need of a swing fix, or you are in need of fundamentals, we will teach you based on our 1-2-3 system. This type of training tends to be isolated and isn't a source of physical training, unless specifically desired. We work on getting things fine-tuned, in a controlled environment, so you can feel the different concepts being introduced.

Group Lessons

This type of training is a mix of physical workout, playing points/games, situational strategies, and a little bit of stroke development. We tend to try and keep the groups moving and active. There is stroke reinforcement, but this is mainly training for how to PLAY. This will also involve competition, something we stress here.

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